And so it begins…

The waiting is finally over. By 3.50pm on Wednesday, I will be arriving in Moscow Domodedovo Airport alongside 3 other Bristol University students (Charlie, Iona and Rob), ready, excited and no doubt a tad apprehensive to begin my Year Abroad. We will begin by spending 2 nights in Moscow; taking in the sights as well as the famous night-life…

Packing for the first chapter of my Year Abroad (4 months of Siberia) has proved a challenge- how on earth do I keep warm and toasty in temperatures that reach -40 with only 20kgs of luggage?

My solution has been:

a) To buy anything and everything that was available in the North Face shop. Bag, coat, shoes, trousers- I am a walking advertisement. I am currently considering applying for sponsorship from them/buying some shares. And b) In order to keep under the 20kgs baggage allowance I will be wearing this Arctic expedition clothing through Heathrow, Moscow and onwards, despite it currently being a very mild and English 15C in Tyumen.

So what will Tyumen actually be like? A question I have heard many times from many friends and relatives, yet I genuinely have no idea. The name itself causes people enough problems- my Uncle still believes it is called Thai Man. FYI it is pronounced ‘Chumeen’. All I know of Tyumen is that it has a large river, is the oldest settlement in Siberia and, reputedly, has the prettiest girls in all of the Motherland. Proof of the latter statement? Miss World 2008 is studying at the University I am at (I recommend googling her).

Despite the aviation record of internal flights in Russia and Charlie’s recently acquired fear of flying, once we arrive I’ll try to update the blog weekly.

До свидания!


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